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  • tradorax’s Services
    • Is tradorax a reliable broker?
    • How can I get help if I need assistance?
    • Do I need anything special on my computer to start trading?
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
    • What are the maximum and minimum deposit amounts?
    • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
    • How do I make a withdrawal?
    • Do I need to make a deposit in order to register? If so, how much?
    • What currency can I deposit
    • What is the minimum initial deposit
    • Do I need to make a deposit in order to register
    • Which currencies can I use to make deposits?
  • Trading Binary Options
    • What kind of returns (income) can I make with Binary Options?
    • What is an Underlying Asset?
    • What types of trading instruments does tradorax offer?
    • What is the ‘Target Price’ of an option?
    • Can I close an option before the expiry time?
    • What are ‘in the money’ and ‘out of the money’ expiries?
    • What happens if my option expires at the target price?
    • What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts for a single option?
    • Is there a maximum number of options that can be purchased at any time?